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New to Island Bison... Water Buffalo!

Water Buffalo meat is extremely healthy. We have always been impressed with the nutirtional values of our grass fed bison. Now that we have information on the water buffalo we have learned that the meat is even lower in cholestoral and higher in calcium than bison. Jus like our bison, the water buffalo are alos 100% grass fed and are raised without the use of added growth hormones or antibiotics.

All in keeping with our ranch vision of raising "Happy Meat"

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Bison is healthier than other meats...
Bison meat has fewer calories and less cholesterol per serving than beef, pork, skinless chicken, lamb, venison and sockeye salmon. ...more > >

Buffalo / Bison is more nutritious ...
Buffalo meat is a rich source of complete protein containing all the essential amino acids, which builds and repair tissues, produce enzymes and some hormones, and maintains cell membranes and components of the immune system. ...more>>

Buffalo Meat is so Delicious... (and non-allergenic)
Buffalo meat is tender with a full, rich, dense flavor. You will find you can interchange buffalo meat with your other red meat recipes if you follow a few basic bison cooking tips. ...more > >

At Island Bison in rural Black Creek on Vancouver Island, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality buffalo meat products. Our bison are raised in a clean and natural environment without the use of chemicals, hormones or steroids.

You may order our bison meat in any quantity: by the side (about 200 lbs.) or any size package of the meat cut you desire!

Your Island Bison meat order can be delivered in the Comox Valley (Campbell River, Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland) usually in the same week that you place your order. Buffalo cooking guides and free buffalo cook books are our gifts to each customer.

Our freezer truck is used for trips to south Vancouver Island upon request.